RapidDisk 9.1.0 now available

RapidDisk is an advanced Linux RAM Disk which consists of a collection of modules and an administration tool. Features include: Dynamically allocate RAM as block device. Use them as stand alone disk drives or even map them as caching nodes to slower local disk drives. Access those drives locally or export those volumes across an NVMe Target network.

Hot off the presses: version 9.1.0 released and tagged on GitHub. From the Changelog:

  • module: Fixed large performance regression bug with resize mutex.
  • module: Added RHEL 9 support.
  • module: Added support for new ioctls.
  • module: Fixed GFP_HIGHMEM page allocation bug.
  • utility: Added NVMe Target loopback support.
  • utility: Fixed issue #155 with strlen of NULL string segfault.
  • utility: Reworked nvmet exports, unexports and port scanning logic (thank you Matteo Tenca).
  • scripts: Added example BCC tools script.
  • documentation: Added RPM building documentation.