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What is Edge [and Fog] Computing and How is it Redefining the Data Center?

Some of you may have noticed that a hot new buzzword is circulating the Internet: Edge Computing. Truth be told, this is probably a buzzword you should be paying attention to. It is creating enough of a hype for the Linux Foundation to define edge computing and its associated concepts in an Open Glossary of …

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New podcast episode: Reality 2.0 – Retro Computing with the Altair-Duino

An exciting new podcast episode is out: Reality 2.0 – Retro Computing with the Altair-Duino. This is a follow-up conversation about the Altair-Duino. Katherine Druckman, Doc Searls and myself talk to Chris Davis of www.adwaterandstir.com about his Arduino-based Altair 8800 replica kits. I had a lot of fun with this conversation. You can find the …

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ZFS on Linux

Ubuntu and ZFS on Linux [and how to get it right]

It seems like only yesterday that I read Jeff Bonwick’s blog entry “ZFS: The Last Word in Filesystems”. It was Halloween of 2005 that ZFS was released for Sun Microsystem’s Solaris, and the filesystem was very well received. For the readers not familiar with ZFS, it is a combined all-purpose filesystem and volume manager. It …

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NGD Systems

The Next Stage of Flash Storage: Computational Storage

With NVMe, we move the drive closer to the CPU but can we move the application closer to the drive? Throughout my career in the data storage industry, I have seen many technologies come and go. Some of the more recent technologies to disappear include Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and the Kinetic drives (although …

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RapidDisk Logo

Announcement: RapidDisk version 6.0-1 released

RapidDisk is an advanced Linux RAM Disk which consists of a collection of modules and an administration tool. Features include: Dynamically allocate RAM as block device. Use them as stand alone disk drives or even map them as caching nodes to slower local disk drives. I just tagged release version 6.0-1 on GitHub. The changelog …

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The Pro version of the Altair-Duino kit.

Going Retro with an Altair 8800 Emulator: Introducing the Altair-Duino

This was originally intended for the September 2019 issue of Linux Journal Magazine focused around the theme of Cool Projects. At the dawn of [microcomputing] time came the Altair 8800. This 65 pound behemoth of a computing system was essentially the very first personal microcomputer. Based on the Intel 8080 CPU, the Altair was designed …

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I am back! I think…

This comes at a bittersweet moment in my career. For a couple of years now, I was moonlighting as an editor for Linux Journal. Notice the word was in the previous sentence. If you recall, sometime in late 2017, Linux Journal, the very reputable and all things open source 25 year old publication could not …

August 8, 2019 /
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