Me in front of the Cray Titan Supercomputer.

Petros Koutoupis here [petros AT linux DOT com]. And I am the self appointed BDFL of the RapidDisk project. Most of my career has been in software development in the data storage industry. I am deeply involved in open source software development and for years have written code for the Linux kernel, various open source device drivers and applications in both the embedded and server spaces.

Once upon a time, I used have a blog and then I had another blog. And then there was a wonderful period I spent voicing my opinions over at Linux Journal. Here I am again, with yet another blog. I am hoping to do things different this time; that is, expand more on the types of technologies discussed and even include podcasts and video interviews. I guess we will see how things go.

I encourage any and all to participate in the discourse following each post. Although, let us make sure to keep things civil. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Let us make this fun!

My thoughts and statements expressed in this blog are that of my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer(s). For a full biography and listing of my work, please visit www.petroskoutoupis.com, the open source RapidDisk project page or my LinkedIn page.

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