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Virtualization versus Containers: Is there a clear winner? Does it really matter?

What prompted this rant? Well, I recently read through a post on the Red Hat company blog, Where are my Containers? Are my VMs Dead? There was one particular line that bothered me though: Will virtual machines disappear? No. Not anytime soon. This implies that the one day, container technology will eventually replace traditional virtual …

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Decentralizing the Data Center: Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud and more

It has been a short while since my last real post (due to my recent travels). But here I am, and I wish to take the time to focus on a recent trend that has been both fascinating and intriguing to me; that is, the evolving data center. In an earlier post, I spent a …

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What is Edge [and Fog] Computing and How is it Redefining the Data Center?

Some of you may have noticed that a hot new buzzword is circulating the Internet: Edge Computing. Truth be told, this is probably a buzzword you should be paying attention to. It is creating enough of a hype for the Linux Foundation to define edge computing and its associated concepts in an Open Glossary of …

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