Optane on AMD and ARM? Yup!

The SMART Kestral card with four Optane DIMMs and a heat sink.

Well, someone has finally done it. They found a loophole to Intel limiting their Optane memory technology to just Intel Xeon platforms.

System-on-chip builder SMART Modular Technologies has a PCIe card that it says opens up Optane memory use to AMD, Arm and Nvidia GPU servers.

More details include…

The Kestral AIC card contains 2TB of Optane DIMMs, an Intel Stratix-10 DX FPGA, and a 4-core Arm A53 SoC with dedicated on-board 2GB DDR4 memory and 8GB of eMMC storage acceleration. It has a PCIe-Gen4-x16 or PCIe-Gen3-x16 interface independent of the motherboard CPU. The two use cases are memory acceleration or system acceleration through computational storage.