Linux Journal is back?

What a surprise it was when I noticed on Twitter earlier this afternoon that “Linux Journal is back.” Before we get too excited, I need to make it known that this is not the same Linux Journal from before. The link to the full article can be found on the Linux Journal website.

As of today, Linux Journal is back, and operating under the ownership of Slashdot Media.

What this means is that none of the original staff is part of the second Linux Journal revival. That includes myself. To make it clear, I have nothing to do with the new new Linux Journal (yes, 2x “new”). But that is okay. The ultimate goal of the website’s new overlords is simple: publish news content, tutorials, etc.

We will begin publishing digital content again as soon as we can. If you’re a former Linux Journal contributor or a Linux enthusiast that would like to get involved, please contact us and let us know the capacity in which you’d like to contribute. We’re looking for people to cover Linux news, create Linux guides, and moderate the community and comments. We’d also appreciate any other ideas or feedback you might have. Right now, we don’t have any immediate plans to resurrect the subscription/issue model, and will be publishing exclusively on free of charge. Our immediate goal is to familiarize ourself with the Linux Journal website and ensure it doesn’t ever get shut down again.

That means no magazine. And again, that is okay.

I want to wish Slashdot Media all the best as they help to not only preserve what is there but also continue the tradition of bringing quality content to Linux and Open Source readers.