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New podcast episode: Reality 2.0 – Retro Computing with the Altair-Duino

An exciting new podcast episode is out: Reality 2.0 – Retro Computing with the Altair-Duino. This is a follow-up conversation about the Altair-Duino. Katherine Druckman, Doc Searls and myself talk to Chris Davis of www.adwaterandstir.com about his Arduino-based Altair 8800 replica kits. I had a lot of fun with this conversation. You can find the …

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The Pro version of the Altair-Duino kit.

Going Retro with an Altair 8800 Emulator: Introducing the Altair-Duino

This was originally intended for the September 2019 issue of Linux Journal Magazine focused around the theme of Cool Projects. At the dawn of [microcomputing] time came the Altair 8800. This 65 pound behemoth of a computing system was essentially the very first personal microcomputer. Based on the Intel 8080 CPU, the Altair was designed …

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