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New Article: Building a Virtual NVMe Drive

My latest article just hit the website of ADMIN Magazine called “Building a Virtual NVMe Drive.” ADMIN Magazine is owned by Linux News Media, owners of Linux Magazine. Often, older or slower hardware remains in place while the rest of the environment or world updates to the latest and greatest technologies; take, for example, Non-Volatile …

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Virtualization versus Containers: Is there a clear winner? Does it really matter?

What prompted this rant? Well, I recently read through a post on the Red Hat company blog, Where are my Containers? Are my VMs Dead? There was one particular line that bothered me though: Will virtual machines disappear? No. Not anytime soon. This implies that the one day, container technology will eventually replace traditional virtual …

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What is Edge [and Fog] Computing and How is it Redefining the Data Center?

Some of you may have noticed that a hot new buzzword is circulating the Internet: Edge Computing. Truth be told, this is probably a buzzword you should be paying attention to. It is creating enough of a hype for the Linux Foundation to define edge computing and its associated concepts in an Open Glossary of …

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NGD Systems

The Next Stage of Flash Storage: Computational Storage

With NVMe, we move the drive closer to the CPU but can we move the application closer to the drive? Throughout my career in the data storage industry, I have seen many technologies come and go. Some of the more recent technologies to disappear include Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and the Kinetic drives (although …

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